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Our team has been in business since 1989 and because we're not tied to any single provider, you can be guaranteed you're only receiving a recommendation based on your needs, not based on business needs.


Once our team understands your needs, they'll then move on to determine what services and carriers will best suit them.

At the family owned and locally operated Area Communications Company, our team will review your business requirements and constraints. Following that, a solution design process occurs. In this phase, our staff will work with carriers and managed service partners to find a solution.


When you're in the market for carrier services, contact us to schedule a consultation. A consultation is so important because it helps us help you with identifying your needs. During the consultation, our team will work with you, go over details, and provide a comprehensive report with our recommendation.

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Carrier services based on your needs

Our goal is to provide you with options to satisfy your needs. Our team will address your needs, gather pricing, analyze the results, and lower your costs.


Our procurement services will address your needs and maximize the cost effectiveness of your infrastructure. Contact us today for a FREE estimate!

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